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Good Exam with moderate difficulty, your opinions?
posted Feb 11, 2017 in Others by Junior (593 points) | 1,277 views


This is now giving me a panick attack. Must have lost some marks definitely. But it shouldn't have happened. I mean why d hell are answers not saved automatically??
@Sushmita its not their mistake but its ours. We dint read instructions keenly. But I would still write them a feedback for them that instructions should be CRYSTAL clear. They should have highlited in this RED in instructions - "Your ans will not be saved or recorded if you navigate directly without clicking on save"
Yeah u r right. They should have highlighted it. Alas. It feels terribly bad now.
Yes absolutely it is our mistake, I changed six answers in the end and I am sure to loose all 12 marks for them. Even I mentioned this in the second comment at this post.
I don't even remember that whether I have done this mistake or not. By default it is in my habit that I mark then for review but still I may have made this mistake too. It's all due to anxiety n stress.
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