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What is the syllabus for Engineering Mathematics - Numerical methods?
asked ago in Mathematical Logic by Junior (797 points) 2 9 | 34 views
Only LU decomposition is there as per the current syllabus from numerical methods section..Rest all are removed.
@Habibkhan and what about Simpson's 1/3rd rule, 3/8th rule, Newton Raphson iteration method, Trapezoidal method, Range Kutta method?

Question from Simpson's & trapezoidal came in exam just few years ago also.

@Swati GATE does have a syllabus

There was a big change in this in 2016 where many portions were removed. These questions are tagged "non-gate" or "out-of-syllabus" here.

okay :) I had made a schedule to study those topics today but now I'll not.

Thanks Arjun Sir.

1 Answer

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LU decomposition added here in Linear Algebra from Numerical methods which was removed as a whole otherwise.


answered ago by Boss (5.9k points) 2 6 15

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