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Background Yash Kumar Singhal Gate Score 596  CS

Interview Expierence : IIT Jodhpur Mtech Artificial Intelligence

Category : Self Sponsored Category 

Shortlisting Criteria CGPA > 7

I realized there was no interview Testimonial for IIT Jodhpur , so posting this for future Aspirants 

PS They usually ask do you know some AI/ML beforehand . If you tell that you know it , they would ask some moderate ML questions , so its advisable to choose this route if you have some knowledge . My expierence might differ with other since i told them that I know concepts , otherwise they will grill you on your Linear Algebra Concepts 

Questions are as Follows

Q1 ) What is Bias Variance Trade off , explain in Detail

Q2) What are various stragies you can employ to improve Underfitting 

Q3) Concept of Cosine Similarity in NLP and its applications 

Q4) What are some Various Unsupervised Algorithm ? What IS DBSCAN Algorithm

Q5) Geometrical interpretation of Cross Product and Dot Product 

Q6) Write Merge Sort Algorithm , code in shared google Doc 

Q7) What is Curse of Dimensionality 

The interview I though Went decently well

Result 100+ Students applied out of which 8 were selected including me :)

PS I wasnt shortlisted for the IIT Jodhpur Fellowship because it closed around 602 For general Interviews

Once Again I want to thank  Sir and @Bikram Bhalav sir for Gate overflow Community for the constant support and doubt clearing..My Gate 2020 Didnt went well and scored lower than my 2019 Score, however I am glad that I never stopped studying and Tried to get whatever chances I can get 


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Congrats! , Do u know the gate cutoff for IIT Jodhpur for cs AI and - phd(dual) cs and AI for General category. I couldn't find that anywhere.