2021 GATE Overflow Interview Experience Links.

College Name Interview Experience Blog Link Program Specialization
BARC https://gateoverflow.in/blog/14029/barc-interview-experience-2021 M.Tech. CSE
IISC https://gateoverflow.in/blog/13585/iisc-csa-mtech-reseach-interview-experience-2021 CSA M.Tech. Research CSE
IISC https://gateoverflow.in/blog/13583/iisc-mtech-research-online-written-screening-test-questions CDS M.Tech. Research CSE
IISC https://gateoverflow.in/blog/13558/iisc-research-interview-experience-printing-engineering CDS M.Tech. Research CSE
IISC https://gateoverflow.in/blog/13540/iisc-bangalore-tech-course-work-written-test-questions-2021 CDS M.Tech. Research CSE
IISC https://gateoverflow.in/blog/13537/iisc-bangalore-tech-course-work-interview-experience-2021 CDS M.Tech. Research CSE
IISC https://gateoverflow.in/blog/13453/various-interview-questions-research-programs-iits-iisc-2021 CDS M.Tech. Research CSE
IIT Bombay https://gateoverflow.in/blog/13421/iit-bombay-ms-intelligent-systems-interview-experience MS CSE
IIT Bombay https://gateoverflow.in/blog/13453/various-interview-questions-research-programs-iits-iisc-2021 MS  CSE
IIT Gandhinagar https://gateoverflow.in/blog/13434/iit-gandhinagar-interview-questions-2020 M.Tech. CSE
IIT Gandhinagar https://gateoverflow.in/blog/13356/iit-gandhinagar-mtech-regular-interview-experience-2021 M.Tech. CSE
IIT Indore https://gateoverflow.in/blog/13596/iit-indore-interview MS CSE
IIT Indore https://gateoverflow.in/blog/13476/iit-indore-ms-cse-interview-experience-2021 MS CSE
IIT Indore https://gateoverflow.in/blog/13381/iit-indore-ms-research-cse-interview-2021 MS CSE
IIT Jodhpur https://gateoverflow.in/blog/13532/iit-jodhpur-mtech-cse-interview-experience-self-sponsored M.Tech. CSE
IIT Jodhpur https://gateoverflow.in/blog/13530/jodhpur-self-sponsored-with-fellowship-interview-experience M.Tech. AI
IIT Kharagpur https://gateoverflow.in/blog/13597/iit-kharagpur-ms-interview MS CSE
IIT Madras https://gateoverflow.in/blog/13430/iit-madras-ms-interview-experience MS CSE
IIT Madras https://gateoverflow.in/blog/13423/iit-madras-ms-intelligent-systems-interview-experience MS IS
IIT Madras https://gateoverflow.in/blog/13453/various-interview-questions-research-programs-iits-iisc-2021 M.Tech. CSE
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Some IIT's like IIT Kanpur, IIT Delhi need good cgpa for getting direct offer, and majority of admission are based on Written Test + Interview, where shortlisting is done based on GATE Score....

Though I prepared for Interview, I followed following procedure....

1 . Find out who are the profs in the department you have been called for interview. There are limited number of professors in each sub department...


2. Check if they have NPTEL courses,  Just go through his course it will be more than enough, Going through course should be done efficiently and pick out things you did not know skip topics you already know...

3. Check for your seniors, ask them what was asked from them, you can contact students who have got admission, email them, email id's can easily be found...

4. Basics are must, and each subject has one standard textbook at least for basics you must be thorough with basics...

5. Be frank with profs, by far I know every prof in IIT's is very very student friendly except some (you can realize this in first minute of interview)...

6. Don't try to use words in your answers which might get you in trouble, for example people use precise, accurate, repeatable interchangeably. choosing wrong words can get you in trouble. ...





1.  https://gateoverflow.in/372419/Post-gate?show=372484#a372484

2.  https://gateoverflow.in/blog/14025/ms-by-program-in-iits-iisc-prospects-and-future

3.  https://gateoverflow.in/372296/Gate-cse-2022