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if L1 = { anbncn | n>= 0 } and L2 = { anbmck | k,n,m>=0} L1 is CSL and L2 is regular. Now L3 = L1.(L2)*. Is L3 is regualar or CSL?
commented May 15, 2017 in Theory of Computation 791 views
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Consider 3 card one having both side painted red another having both side printed black and last having one side black and another side red, 3 cards are put in a hat and are mixed properly, now one card in picked and put down on table, its face up color is red what is probability that another side will be black.
comment edited May 6, 2017 in Probability 770 views
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when does iisc call candidates for mtech(res) interview? is it later after the mtech interviews?
answered Apr 10, 2017 in IISc/IITs 289 views
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commented Apr 10, 2017 in DS 598 views
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IIT K will be conducting interview/written tests around May 14-16 and I have semester exams during that time. How am I supposed to attend the process? Will they change dates because many students may face this issue? Please someone answer. IIT K is the best option I have.
commented Mar 29, 2017 in IISc/IITs 530 views
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Consider a group of k people. Assume that each person's birthday is drawn uniformly at random from the 365 possibilities. (And ignore leap years.) What is the smallest value of ksuch that the expected number of pairs of distinct people with the same birthday is at least one?
answer selected Mar 18, 2017 in Combinatory 597 views
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Two csma/cd stations are trying to send frames..After each frame is sent they contend for channel using backoff exponential algorithm?What is probability that contention ends on round k?
commented Mar 13, 2017 in Computer Networks 1.4k views
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What is the value of following recurrence. T(n) = T(n/4) + T(n/2) + cn^2 T(1) = c T(0) = 0 Where c is a positive constant A) O(n^3) B) O(n^2) C) O(n^2logn) D) O(nlogn)
commented Mar 5, 2017 in Algorithms 448 views
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Prove or disprove the following: for finite sets A and B, $\overline{(A - B) \cup (B - A)} = A \cap B$ . If the proposition is incorrect, do minimal modifications to the same and prove.
commented Feb 23, 2017 in Set Theory & Algebra 156 views
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Six people are seated around a circular table. There are at least two men and two women. There are at least three right-handed persons. Every woman has a left-handed person to her immediate right. None of the women are right-handed. The number of women at the table is $2$ $3$ $4$ Cannot be determined
answered Feb 14, 2017 in Numerical Ability 3.7k views
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Suppose datagrams are limited to 1,500 bytes (including header) between source Host A and destination Host B. Assuming a 20-byte IP header and a 20-byte TCP header, how many datagrams would be required to send an MP3 consisting of 4 million bytes?
answered Feb 8, 2017 in Computer Networks 1.7k views
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An array of $n$ numbers is given, where $n$ is an even number. The maximum as well as the minimum of these $n$ numbers needs to be determined. Which of the following is TRUE about the number of comparisons needed? At least $2n-c$ comparisons, for some constant $c$ are needed. At most $1.5n-2$ comparisons are needed. At least $n\log_2 n$ comparisons are needed None of the above
answered Feb 5, 2017 in Algorithms 8k views
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Given Answer D) I think the answer should be A) Complement of L1 will be ( i = j or j = k) right so there can be a NPDA that will accept this right ?
commented Feb 5, 2017 in Theory of Computation 133 views
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The given answer is A) but option A) produces the string "ab" which is not produced by the above grammar so how can the answer be A) ?
commented Feb 5, 2017 in Compiler Design 114 views
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The answer given is D) Why is option 3 and 4 correct ? In 4) if there is a branch instruction , it can lead to stalls ,so how will it improve the execution ?
asked Feb 5, 2017 in CO and Architecture 117 views
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For a host machine that uses the token bucket algorithm for congestion control, the token bucket has a capacity of $1$ $\text{megabyte}$ and the maximum output rate is $20$ $\text{megabytes}$ per $\text{second}$. Tokens arrive at a rate to sustain output at a ... machine needs to send $12$ $\text{megabytes}$ of data. The minimum time required to transmit the data is _____________ $\text{seconds}$.
commented Feb 4, 2017 in Computer Networks 15.7k views
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in case of shift-reduce and R-R conflict, which is favoured by YACC?
answered Feb 3, 2017 in Compiler Design 185 views
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The given answer is C) But shouldnt the answer be D) as it satisfies the new database
answer selected Jan 27, 2017 in Databases 100 views
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Consider the ALU shown below. If the operands are in $2’s$ complement representation, which of the following operations can be performed by suitably setting the control lines $K$ and $C_0$ only (+ and – denote addition and subtraction respectively)? $A + B$, and $A – B$, but not $A + 1$ $A + B$, and $A + 1$, but not $A – B$ $A + B$, but not $A – B$ or $A + 1$ $A + B$, and $A – B$, and $A + 1$
commented Jan 27, 2017 in Digital Logic 6.7k views
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Consider the following two statements: If all states of an NFA are accepting states then the language accepted by the NFA is $\Sigma_{}^{*}$. There exists a regular language $A$ such that for all languages $B$, $A \cap B$ is regular. Which one of the following is CORRECT? Only I is true Only II is true Both I and II are true Both I and II are false
comment edited Jan 26, 2017 in Theory of Computation 8.9k views
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The question basically says no. of different outputs produced for given sequence of input (1,2,...,n) I thought in terms of push - pop pairs but cant arrive at the answer @arjun sir , @bikram sir
answer selected Jan 26, 2017 in Programming 220 views
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Is statement 1 true for all safe expressions ?
asked Jan 24, 2017 in Databases 369 views
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Given $\Sigma=\{a,b\}$, which one of the following sets is not countable? Set of all strings over $\Sigma$ Set of all languages over $\Sigma$ Set of all regular languages over $\Sigma$ Set of all languages over $\Sigma$ accepted by Turing machines
comment edited Jan 20, 2017 in Theory of Computation 4k views
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The Given Answer is C) , my doubt is can PassportNo take NULL values as it is defined as UNIQUE ?
asked Jan 17, 2017 in Databases 181 views
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A pipeline processor has two branch delay slots. An optimizing compiler can fill one of these slots 85% of the time and can fill the second slot 20% of the time. What percentage improvement in performence achieved by this optimization, assuming 20% of the instruction executed are branch instruction?
comment edited Jan 15, 2017 in CO and Architecture 872 views
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I am getting answer as 9 , the given answer is 8.
asked Jan 12, 2017 in CO and Architecture 229 views
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Consider a system with a two-level paging scheme in which a regular memory access takes $150$ $nanoseconds$, and servicing a page fault takes $8$ $milliseconds$. An average instruction takes $100$ nanoseconds of CPU time, and two memory accesses. The TLB ... average instruction execution time? $\text{645 nanoseconds}$ $\text{1050 nanoseconds}$ $\text{1215 nanoseconds}$ $\text{1230 nanoseconds}$
comment edited Jan 10, 2017 in CO and Architecture 26.6k views
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