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posted May 17, 2017 in Others
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I think they selected on the basis of gate score and not AIR. Is is it fair to compare scores of different branches?
Of course way better than ranks. In rank -- a branch where a fewer number of candidates took the exam gets the benefit. The score is much better than this. But I believe score might not be good for a branch like CS, where there is a wide variance in the marks of toppers and the rest. But we can't blame anyone else for this-- this has to do with the fact that some people in CS prepare GATE in a different way by programming, critical thinking, and standard resources while the others resort to some coaching material or reading up solutions and hence there is a wide variance in the final marks among the toppers and the rest. For many other branches, GATE is more predictable and their performance is also like that where marks are mostly uniformly distributed -- only my guess based on whatever I have seen. What can BSNL do here?
Sir my doubt is is it logical to compare scores of different branches. BSNL didn't announce the number of vacancies for different branches. Total number of vacancy was about 2500 for 4 branches and about 250 CS candidates were selected. I know it is ok to compare score of CS papers of different years and sets, normalization takes care of it(though not absolutely perfect). In 2016 ECE AIR 660 had score 739 and CSE AIR 645 had only score 710 the difference is quite large. Doesn't this have an adverse effect on CSE candidates.
I have a doubt most of the selected applicants have good gate scores around 800 and above and chances are that they might get a seat in IITs , NITs and IIITs in that case these JTO vacancies will remain unfulfilled, so can we expect another round of seat allotment in JTO or is this fool and final and I have to face another rejection ?
@vipin Why is that the score is less for CSE for the same rank? That's what I explained in the previous comment. Overall 250 is still a big number for CSE as in previous years they basically selected none. But I have no idea why those with ranks better than 400 even applied for JTO. Those people simply wasted some vacancies.
Sir luckily the cut off was extremely low for Tamil Nadu and I got selected. Should I join BSNL and attempt GATE one more time or join IIITs sir. If i join BSNL will it affect any future career opportunities in good companies sir. And is there any chance for CCMT cutoffs to go down by atleast 10 bcoz of this sir.
are u from tamilnaadu or some other starte also tell ur gate score..and what is min gate score in ur area