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This is a clip from a local daily on pattern of UCG NET 2018 which is subject to a major changes. Kindly go through it. 

posted Jan 22 in From GO Admins by Boss (12,241 points) | 533 views


Thank you Devshree. So the main change is "Paper 3 removed" ?
Yes Sir. But the point to note is what major changes will take place in syllabus of subject. This has not been mentioned in the website Sir.
Can a B.Tech graduate give UGC-NET for CS? I don't see it explicitly mentioned in the eligibility but I guess it is equivalent to Msc.

nbnb  I think NO a  B.Tech graduate can't give UGC-NET for CS. Post-graduation is required to apply for UGC NET.


Btech graduates can't appear for UGC NET. Post Graduation is mandatory for this. Either you should be Mtech,MCA and if I m not wrong MSc(CS) will work as well. I hope this helps. :)
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