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BITS HD results are out in their website.I got selected for BITS Goa Computer Science,I think I gave preference for BITS Goa CSE more than SS test in Pilani.I scored more in SS test but got into CSE.
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what is your CS score?
C.S in total I got something more than 121.

S.S I got total 108 I think.
I've score 125 in CS but applied for only Pilani campus.So they won't consider me for other campuses?
Total ,you mean apti+subject or only subject
They will not consider,they will give automatic up-sliding but not downsliding.....but why didn't you apply,did you get already a good institution?Pilani campus is best but others are not bad...atleast better than many new NITs.

Anyone shortlisted for Pilani campus please let us know your scores..
My preference order was:

I got 124/300 and got CS GOA, so I think SS Pilani Cutoff is even higher.
@Despair Darkness what was your SS score?and anyone shortlisted for SS can tell what is their score
I kept preference for BITS Hyd higher than BITS Goa for no reason..maybe I thought its easier to approach Hyd via train from Kolkata....but I am not interested in up-sliding....hope I am not done so..
can we opt out from up sliding in 2nd iteration? I 've made a similar mistake as you.

My preference order was Pilani CSE, Goa CSE, Hyd CSE and Pilani SS

I got 125 in SS and I got Pilani SS alloted. but it is my last preference. I got 114 in cse. I don't want to slide up to BITS Hyd CSE. I'm happy with Pilani SS.
I too got CS Goa.. Do you guys think its worth the costs and everything?
Congrats to all those who got BITS Goa CSE... I'm a 2k13 bits goa CSE pass out and I think its worth studying cse here. 4-5 (out of 22) faculty are top notch and campus life is awesome. Private Message me if you want any details :)
Up-sliding is automatic,they have mentioned that clearly so if you are up-slided you need to consider that,no way to freeze your program.I think Pilani to Hyd will be a real hearbreaking upsliding ...:) ...What I heard there is not much difference between Goa and Hyd.Goa is few years old,weather will be good there...while Hyd is located in an industrial city and also travelling for most of you will be easy,like for me I can get direct flight to Hyd.Even hyd cutoff seems to be on the higher side since my above pref was hyd but I got goa.

Yeah guys cost is like touching the sky,I hope we get quality for what we pay.I am paying mostly from my savings from MNC job,some might have to take loans also.I think most of us can get scholarship that might reduce some burden.
I have a friend in ME Pilani CS 2017-19 batch and filled order with his help:

1. Pilani CS

2. Pilani SS

3. Goa CS

4. Hyderabad CS

This is the best order according to me as well as him. I secured 130 in CS test, 124 in SS. Got SS. Pilani CS and SS are almost same, expect 5 core courses. Goa CS has 8-10 more faculties than Hyderabad CS. Nevertheless, none of the three campuses are bad.

SS cut off: 118

Pilani CS: 139

Pilani CS through GATE: around 714 GATE score (less than 500 rank)

Goa, Hyd CS cut off: Around 121

Goa, Hyd cut off through GATE: (640-645)+ GATE score
Did anyone pay the fees?I am trying to call them no ones picking up.Can we pay so much amount via online?I think there is limitation to online netbanking/debit/credit card payment.Also if I pay by challan do we need to send the acknowledgement receipt via post?
My preference order was Pilani, Hyd, Goa. Didn't opt for SS(didn't knew one can give both exam at same time :P). Got around ~133 marks and Hyderabad campus.
I got selected for Goa CS ...but my first pref was pilani campus......Do i need to pay the fee before 8th in favour of GOA to be considered for upsliding??
If you dont pay they will straight away cancel your seat and give to the next person in cannot participate in any more iterations...
I completed the payment, but something glitched in between. Now the money is debited, and the page has not updated. What should I do?
Open the offer page again and check your status.If payment is received you will get one page with barcode etc...or else you need to pay again from some other account,this money will be reverted back automatically in 3-4 days.Call the BITS admission helpline no.
How many iterations will be there??
As those who haven't paid the fee will be removed from the list, there is very less chance of 3rd iteration. Only possibility is that a handful of new students offered seat in 2nd iteration might not pay fee, and then new candidates will get seat. But I don't think that will be very high, as it's unlikely that someone will get seat in BITS and choose to not take admission. Only if someone has got admission in old IIT or US university, they might not take BITS.
Generally 3 iterations....4th iteration maybe possible if someone doesn't show up during the reporting period...BITS is very good option only the fees is bothering everyone.I think taking education loans will be wise,we can easily get loans because this is a premier institute.

Fee shouldn't be an issue I guess. According to NIRF data, median salary for 16-17 is 8L. That's for all engg PG students. I guess it will be higher for CS students. So even in worst case, people will be able to pay off loan easily.

Only problem might be for people who are married and/or have children. They'll have somewhat hard time for these 2 years.

Hey anyone knows if we need Transfer Certificate from University or not?...I passed out long time ago...need to contact the university again.... :p
Yes, TC is always required when we go to a new academic institution.
Thanks....need to visit university again..
Did anyone get upslided in 2nd iteration?
ya did anyone get upslided...if yes please share your score.. BITS hyderabad from BITS Goa....I dont think I will be upslided to Pilani....most upsliding will be goa to hyd or hyd to goa whichever preference given higher..
Yes, upsliding to Pilani in later iterations seems unlikely.  I was thinking of scraping some data, but the website is protected with cloudfare, and it seems to get triggered if you access it from proxy outside India. Looks like sysadmins at Pilani are quite good!
Hardly one will get much teaching in ME program...its mainly one year,next year is your thesis or internship.

I think if someone wants to do Phd after this they can pursue in any campuses....somewhere I saw they have that if you really like to research under some specific professor that is possible..
Anyone here with marks less than 120 who got admission?
On FB group, a guy with 116 got Goa. 119 got Hyd. 116 got SS. That's the lowest I know yet.
i have got Bits goa (HD score 120)... is it good considering its huge fee ? how is the research and placement??
also can someone tell what is overall fee..they have mentioned for 1st and 2nd sem , what about the 3rd and 4th sems? is the fee same of 3 sem and 4th sem?

Please join this WhatsApp group and ask your queries there:

All I know of is a friend of mine, got 132, and didn't got Pilani ME.
Pilani  campus, score: 147
I've got shifted from Pilani SS(score :125) in first iteration to Goa CSE(score 114) 2nd iteration. since I gave Goa CSE as higher preference.
Do you intend to go to goa cse?
@Rohit -- Hard luck buddy....many people made this kind of mistake...but you will get great opportunities in Goa too....dont worry...internship/dissertation and placement process are same...people who are bothering on high fees please apply for education loans once reaching the campus...repayment period is about 15 years(in sbi) will definitely will be able to pay that amount in 15 years...
yes. I'm joining bits goa. I'm from goa also so location advantage is also there.
Has anyone got upsliding in the third iteration.................if yes then please share your score!!
Nopes...anyone upgraded to main campus?please share score of CSE or SS.I think this is final iteration,last one will be when joining in campus.

@Akhilesh Singla

sir , i hv given gate 2019 & unexpected outcome comes i need some help ..can i contact u sir . I cn send my no in ur GO inbox sir

Is doing ME in CS and SS from Bits Pilani equivalent? Is the course structure same?
I have applied for BITS HD, I have got BITS goa in all 3 iterations, paid initial fee too, now while paying remaining 70% of fee via challan I'm seeing strange message that I'm not selected at the end of iteration 2. Please guide me. I have applied based on gate. While login it shows selected in iteration 3 and while challan it comes like this. Is this a technical error?
What is your gate rank and score please reply
What gate score do i need for getting admitted in BITS Pilani?
Around 720