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Since a lot of aspirants were looking for schedule and materials for GATE 2019, we are adding all the stuffs to GO Classroom (All GO users get GO classroom access once they confirm their email, if you don't have GO account you can create here

Update: Completed Discrete Mathematics (excluding Graph Theory) and Digital Logic schedules and materials are now on GO classroom

More subjectwise tests and full length tests will be added on GO for Classroom users.

Some points:

  • Schedule is given on front page and we have started with Discrete Mathematics but you may join later and keep up
  • Assignments will include programming ones, and at many places you can do an assignment only if you have completed previous ones
  • We will be following only a single schedule (one given might be adjusted as per need)
  • About 10 aspirants are with me in Thiruvananthapuram and we discuss GATE topics almost daily. The main contents of that will be uploaded as slides like this on the respective topic page in GO Classroom
  • Since, the contents are being made for offline purpose we will be covering all topics, mostly as per the given schedule. 
  • Any doubts in topics or assignments, you can ask in GO - since a schedule is followed in group it will be easy to get answers
  • Assignments wont be graded but you can do self evaluation with the given solution
  • In GO Classroom you have to go to each course page (from Site Home) and click "Enroll Me". Then you can see the materials, assignments and also receive notifications. 
  • GO Classroom login details are automatically sent to anyone in GO when they confirm their email. There is no manual control over this. And you have to wait an hour after email confirmation for the account details. GO password and GO classroom password are DIFFERENT - if you forget your password on GO Classroom you have to reset it there and not on GO.
  • For practice tests for GATE 2019
    • These are some subject wise tests added by me and Bikram Ballav
    • These subjectwise tests (2 sets of 30 questions for each subject) were added by Bikram Ballav
    • 4 full length mock tests were also added by Bikram Ballav
    • This time we will be adding some more full length tests. 1 is already given by Ruturaj Mohanty and probably 2 more will be active by December. 

Who all can join?

  1. Any self preparing aspirant can join this for free and get everything available including tests
  2. Those who are having coaching, 
    1. If you are taking offline coaching, you can join here for free as they are providing you physical environment for study and none of them have objected to their questions being shared on GO.
    2. If you are taking online coaching of GATE Book or UGC NET lectures, you can join for free.
    3. If you are taking any other online coaching especially those who are acting against GO, please do not join here. 
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ok sir
@Arjun sir Thank you so much for go pdf,schedule and go classroom.

I just want to know are there any links for more quality questions for graph theory algo,dm as per schedule.

right now after completing go pdf ,i am looking into go site which have most votes answers and not asked in gate.

i didn't enroll in any test series so still i am trying to make how to handle new questions,any suggestions

@Arjun Sir

Hello sir
Till now I completed all Subject except Computer Network and Computer organization and Engineering Maths(Linear algebra and Probability are remaining).
How to focus on study more and more?
Some time negative thought come into my mind?
I not solve all GATE Question and not take the test series, so what should I do?
Please suggest me, sir

please answer me sir

@Gaurav As of now I dont have a better suggestion - but solving exercise questions from standard books is definitely worth. Also, doing google search like "probability questions MIT" etc. is also a good way to get quality questions. After the schedule is over by November end, I'll collect and give many good questions.

@Lakshman As of now I cannot do anything if you are not following GO classroom. From coming week I'll try to make it more engaging.

@Arjun Sir

In GO classroom, Probability Course is not available according to the schedule of GATE 2019.

I'm do not follow GO classroom from the beginning because of some work. But now I want to follow GO classroom(according to GATE Schedule).

please help me, sir,

Thank you so much

@Arjun 👍

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