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Please fill this form if you are interested in getting GO hardcopy for GATE 2020.

Changes from GO Book 2019:

  1. More questions from 2019
  2. Fixes and corrections
  3. Better formatting
  4. Less glossy paper – more like Korth book for DBMS
  5. Some more changes might make it to the book but not sure as of now

Last year the direct buy price including Rs. 200 shipping was Rs. 1300 (3 Volumes of 500-600 pages each) and via Amazon/Flipkart it was Rs. 1500. This year price shouldn’t be more – exact price can be told only after a week. Those who show express of interest will be informed when prebooking starts – this time direct shipping will be there only for those who prebook – others have to buy from Amazon. 

Those who preorder should be getting the book by early July. From late July, book should be available in Amazon. 

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Arjun sir, In old GO pdf for any kind of doubt, we can directly reach to the gate overflow site just by clicking the link given in Pdf. such kind of facility is available in GO hardcopy???

Yup. Hard copy contains a unique QR code for every question and every answer. Scanning it leads us to corresponding page in
Will we get the GO Book for gate 2020 in pdf format ?
Hope this time you folks launch kindle version also.
It will also be great to have a page for each subject, that lists the no. of numerical type, 1 mark and 2 marks questions asked before from each subtopic.
Can we get a version with Questions only pdf? It would be helpful in not giving up on a question easily. I know solution is to strong willed. But this will really help quite much!
You just have to google to get only Questions.
@N With most people by-hearting solutions, we'll mostly go for questions only PDF.
arjun sir, can i expect my books to be delivered within this month only?
It should be by first week of July.
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