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We are having a Telegram group for GATE CSE 2022 preparation as per the GO Schedule. Group is open to all but with strict guidelines as given below. Spammers will get instant ban.

Posting guidelines for GATE Overflow Telegram group for GATE CSE 2022

  1. Posting of doubts only as per GO schedule, you can post from any subject which is past in the schedule but not from future.
  2. No coaching queries except for links already on GO site - you really don't need them.
  3. All the subject resources are shared on under respective subject pages - you need to self enroll for each subject course 
  4. Previous year questions - GO link or GO PDF image -- all questions are already answered there including discussion.
  5. Self doubts allowed -- but only if it's a "self doubt" (no questions from unknown source being posted as self doubts)
  6. Images from standard books or videos are allowed
  7. If a question/doubt has been answered by someone, don't answer it again unless you have something more to add.
  8. Private messaging is strictly discouraged unless with prior approval of the person.

Link to Join: 

posted May 23 in From GO Admins 783 views

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How about a discord server?
It has a lot of features. We can even have study sessions and there can be moderators too.