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GATE Overflow Book

Many people have been demanding for new version of GATE Overflow book but due to so many questions (about 1000) left to be categorized this won't be possible until late October. Also the next release will be the last one for GATE 2017 and hence should be as best as possible. Moreover for GATE purpose, there have not been many chnages for question/asnwers and hence the last book is very much valid for preparation. I'll try to highlight any changes done after the last release in the new book.


This was never announced before. This book is a one place reference for GATE CSE preparation. It will be similar to contents of but much more and better organized. It also includes all the notes contributed by Praneeth and Srestha has been helping me with more. A draft of it shall be released this week itself. This book is for 

  1. what/where to see from standard books
  2. missing portions in standard books
  3. question types asked in GATE
  4. summary of important points
  5. includes whatever points were discusses in gateoverflow discussions last year


GATE Overflow Discussions

This won't be happening this year as most people were interested in reading the discussion document - and for that the GATE CSE book will be sufficient.



posted Sep 11, 2016 in Announcements by Veteran (347,687 points) | 905 views


When should we expect the arrival of the latest October version of the GO book.
@Arjun: I mean subjest wise different document. Current version of the book has almost 2000 pages. Instead of that if we get multiple document subject wise. That will be good.
It is a PDF - you can simply print to FILE and make them as questions are organized subjectwise. I can also do it, but then have to upload and manage all those versions and everyone has to download them too.
@arjun sir.. in GateCSE book, also add those blogs which are for perticalar subject or topic written by you and others on GateCSE
Adding :)
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