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Please pay attention that last date to apply for IISC Banglore is 24/3/17 whereas our gate results will be declared on 27/3/17.


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obviously that will be changed, but there will only be 2-3 days after GATE results to apply.
Hello Arjun Sir,

What should be the correct strategy for last seven days? Made easy tests have a lot of errors and it takes a lot of time to correct those errors.

Thank you.
dont do any new tests now, better you check ur previously taken tests and check revisit mistakes, all the best

Give GO Mock 1

if you score above 75, then you will do  good in actual Gate exam.
IN every GO mock tests , there are 2 things Top mark and Toppers mark .

Top mark is the highest mark obtained (Rank 1 mark)

Toppers mark is the average mark of top 1% (Expected mark for being in top 100 in actual GATE)

like in Mock 1 , Top Mark:87.33 but Toppers Mark: 74.64 that means if you get above 75 there is a chance to be in Top 100 in Real Gate exam.

Yes it is changed. Last date for online submission of applications is extended to 29th March 2017 (website closes at 00:00 hours of 30.03.2017).

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