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for PGEE 2021 (Mtech/MS/Ph.D): Admission mode is written test+ interview

Last date:  24 March 2021
Date of exam 18 April 2021

Ref: 1) PGEE 2021

       2) Apply here

      3)Eligibility Criteria

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Thanks for the post, but i have a doubt, Can 3rd year students also appear in this exam?


According to some previous Year stats, how many students appear for the initial test and how many get IN?

(I am talking about the Initial Test and not the Interview. I want to know because that signifies how hard to prepare as  i think i have already studies for Gate good enough)
3 lakhs a year fees feels like a shit proposition. I have heard IIIT-H is known for coding culture, but is it known for, for e.g., high impact PhD admits (in foreign R1 unis)/good research/R&D job placements? I have heard of Prof CV Jawahar's vision lab but not much else.
i dont see toc and compilers in pgee syllabus but i have read at places that there have been insatances where the questions were out of the syllabus so do i study toc and compilers for pgee

  3rd year students are not eligible.

I know it might sound condescending but I would like to know whether I should apply to this test, my GATE score as of now is above 700 and I belong to OBC-NCL. Any advice?

  check your college prediction from here: college prediction by gate overflow

I did, the problem being I don't know which is worth pursuing. For a long time I thought IITs were hard to get into on the contrary it seems getting an MS in IITM is relatively simple. Toppers have it easy, they just select IISC but the middle rankers are left with vast-swaths of choices to choose from.
I think gateoverflow might provide a Google form for advice, will you gods of gateoverflow 😊?
@Kanwae Kan : "Toppers have it easy, they just select IISC but the middle rankers are left with vast-swaths of choices to choose from." This is absolutely true , my days are just passing finding all the opportunities at this Rank,and there seem too many , which is GOOD😀 , but finding what's Best for me, it's hard to decide.

I suggest you to see THE previous year RANK RESPONSES . People in OBC - NCL have got pretty good TA opportunities as well in IITs in Rounds D and E , if your aim is Placements , then IIIT HYD average placements is at par with IITs, and even more than some of them.
Does anyone know if Calculator is provided like Gate ?

   yes, virtual calculator is available in pgee exam.

I haven't got any email from IIIT-H yet. Does anyone have any information?
Nope , its strange. 7 days left and still no Admit Card. Chances of postponement are good enough.

 ,    Admit cards for the PGEE have been issued. Please check your email.

Exam postponed.

Can anyone login to

Yes. I have downloaded my admit card also..

Invalid credentials for me. Will have to contact them. Thanks for your reply.


Edit: The login page is not