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As told earlier the assignments won't be evaluated. But the answers of the 2 assignments will be provided by the weekend. The second assignment can be easily verified as answers are fixed. But the result is not important -- the purpose of the assignment is the give the experience of doing the problems and to make the concept clear. Those who did these 2 assignments are sure to get at least 15 marks in GATE. Percentage of GATE takers who do this is less than 25%.

There won't be any assignment coming this week. I got a feedback that enrolled users are not getting an email when assignments are not posted. I'll check this. Please report any other issues you have faced. Also, if anyone is struggling to get used to moodle, please help them.


posted May 29, 2017 in From GO Admins by Veteran (352,743 points) | 821 views


I am not getting those assignments and unable to find it
You have to go to "Site Home" - located on left side bar and then click on available courses and then Enroll for them. Assignments are available currently for Algorithms course.
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