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In a certain town, the probability that it will rain in the afternoon is known to be $0.6$. Moreover, meteorological data indicates that if the temperature at noon is less than or equal to $25°C$, the probability that it will rain in the afternoon is $0.4$. The temperature at noon is ... will rain in the afternoon on a day when the temperature at noon is above $25°C$? $0.4$ $0.6$ $0.8$ $0.9$
answered Jan 29, 2018 in Probability 2.4k views
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Consider the following statements: 1. Let T be the DFS tree resulting from DFS traversal on a connected directed graph the root of the tree is an articulation point, iff it has at least two children. 2. When BFS is carried out on a directed graph G, the edges of G will ... as tree edge, back edge, or cross edge and not forward edge as in the case of DFS. Find TRUE or FALSE for both the statements
answered Jan 27, 2018 in DS 3.5k views
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A push down automation (pda) is given in the following extended notation of finite state diagram: The nodes denote the states while the edges denote the moves of the pda. The edge labels are of the form $d$, $s/s'$ where $d$ is the input symbol read and $s, s'$ are the stack ... states in the above notation that accept the language $\left\{0^{n}1^{m} \mid n \leq m \leq 2n\right\}$ by empty stack
answered Jan 5, 2018 in Theory of Computation 2.2k views
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Consider the set \(\{a, b, c\}\) with binary operators \(+\) and \(*\) defined as follows: ... $(b * x) + (c * y) = c$ The number of solution(s) (i.e., pair(s) $(x, y)$ that satisfy the equations) is $0$ $1$ $2$ $3$
answered Dec 28, 2017 in Set Theory & Algebra 2.5k views
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A logical binary relation $\odot$ ... to $A\wedge B$ ? $(\sim A\odot B)$ $\sim(A \odot \sim B)$ $\sim(\sim A\odot\sim B)$ $\sim(\sim A\odot B)$
answered Dec 28, 2017 in Set Theory & Algebra 2.1k views
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Fuzzy logic is used in artificial intelligence. In fuzzy logic, a proposition has a truth value that is a number between 0 and 1, inclusive.A proposition with a truth value of 0 is false and one with a truth value of 1 is true. Truth values that are between 0 ... nth statement is At least n of the statements in this list are false. Answer part (b) assuming that the list contains 99 statements
answered Dec 27, 2017 in Mathematical Logic 270 views
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Which of the following statement(s) is/are correct? P: For a dynamic programming algorithm, computing all values in a bottom-up fashion is asymptotically faster than using recursion Q: The running time of a dynamic programming algorithm is always Θ(P) where P is the number of sub-problems.( Marks: -0.66 ) I mark only P is true. Answer neither P and Q
answered Dec 26, 2017 in Algorithms 470 views
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Let f (n) = Ο(n), g(n) = Ο(n) and h(n) = θ(n). Then [f (n) . g(n)] + h(n) is : a) Ο(n) b)θ(n) I think it must be 0(n)
answered Dec 24, 2017 in Algorithms 59 views
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Hi Guys, In SQL, <condition> ALL evaluates to TRUE if inner query returns no tuples. { X < ALL (empty) == TRUE } <condition> ANY evaluates to FALSE if inner query returns no tuples. { X < ANY (empty) == FALSE } But what is the logical reason behind this ? PS: ping @Krish__, @Anu007, @Ashwin Kulkarni @reena_kandari and @srestha ji.
answered Dec 24, 2017 in Databases 672 views
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given : 1/4 and 1 1/4 = theta(1) is this correct or only this 1/4 = O(1)
answered Dec 23, 2017 in Algorithms 57 views
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The number of function from set {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8} to set {0, 1} such that assign 1 to exactly one of given number less than 8 are .......................
answered Dec 23, 2017 in Combinatory 85 views
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How many different ways are there to seat four people around a circular table, where two seatings are considered the same when each person has the same left neighbor and the same right neighbor? ANSWER IS 6 OR 3 .????
answered Dec 23, 2017 in Combinatory 470 views
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When the sum of all possible two digit numbers formed from three different one digit natural numbers are divided by sum of the original three numbers, the result is $26$ $24$ $20$ $22$
answered Dec 18, 2017 in Numerical Ability 167 views
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Why do we need a "trusted third party" between a client and a receiver when sending a message with a digital signature? I mean what are the consequences if we don't do that?
answered Dec 16, 2017 in Computer Networks 208 views
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An $n \times n$ matrix $M$ with real entries is said to be positive definite if for every non-zero $n$-dimensional vector $x$ with real entries, we have $x^{T}Mx>0.$ Let $A$ and $B$ be symmetric, positive definite matrices of size $n\times n$ with real entries. ... $(2)$ Only $(3)$ Only $(1)$ and $(3)$ None of the above matrices are positive definite All of the above matrices are positive definite
answered Dec 11, 2017 in Linear Algebra 505 views
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Consider the following subset of $\mathbb{R} ^{3}$ (the first two are cylinder, the third is a plane): $C_{1}=\left \{ \left ( x,y,z \right ): y^{2}+z^{2}\leq 1 \right \};$ ... Let $A = C_{1}\cap C_{2}\cap H.$ Which of the following best describe the shape of set $A?$ Circle Ellipse Triangle Square An octagonal convex figure with curved sides
answered Dec 10, 2017 in Numerical Ability 286 views
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Consider a point $A$ inside a circle $C$ that is at distance $9$ from the centre of a circle. Suppose you told that there is a chord of length $24$ passing through $A$ with $A$ as its midpoint. How many distinct chords of $C$ have integer length and pass through $A?$ $2$ $6$ $7$ $12$ $14$
answered Dec 10, 2017 in Numerical Ability 683 views
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Which of the following language generated by given grammar? 1) L = {w : na(w) and nb(w) both are even} 2) L = {w : na(w) and nb(w) both are odd} 3) L = {w : na(w) or nb(w) are even} 4) L = {w : na(w) or nb(w) are odd}
answered Dec 10, 2017 in Theory of Computation 116 views
2 votes
Convert following infix to prefix expression e^d-a*b^f/g+h*c/i+j-k Explain each step
answered Dec 6, 2017 in Programming 1.3k views
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The second moment of a Poisson-distributed random variable is 2. The mean of the variable is .... My question on solving we get 2 values of lamda(ie mean) .One is -2 and the other is 1 .So which one to choose?
answered Nov 23, 2017 in Mathematical Logic 1.2k views
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An array $X$ of n distinct integers is interpreted as a complete binary tree. The index of the first element of the array is $0$. If the root node is at level $0$, the level of element $X[i]$, $i \neq 0$, is $\left \lfloor \log _2 i \right \rfloor$ $\left \lceil \log _2 (i+1)\right \rceil$ $\left \lfloor \log _2 (i+1) \right \rfloor$ $\left \lceil \log _2 i \right \rceil$
answered Nov 19, 2017 in DS 3.3k views
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Consider a function F from set A to B having A={1,2,...n} and B={1,2,....m} Find number's of f in F where f is defined as : 1. f(i)<=f(j) and 1<=i<=j<=n 2.f(i)< f(j) and 1<=i<=j<=n 3. f(i) >=f(j) and 1<=i<=j<=n 4. f(i) > f(j) and 1<=i<=j<=n.
answered Nov 15, 2017 in Set Theory & Algebra 357 views
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The most relevant addressing mode to write position-independent code what is the meaning of postion - independent code
answered Nov 15, 2017 in CO and Architecture 1.6k views